WWOD? What Would Optimus (Prime) Do?

WWOD? What Would Optimus (Prime) Do?

During these tough economic times people look to their faith for hope and for ways to exemplify our heroes. Today is that day for me.

Having recently been given some more bad news with my personal struggles, I found myself thinking…”What Would Optimus Prime Do about this terrible economic situation?”

That’s when I realized that they are our source of hope in these dark times! They bring the technology to solve our energy crisis, unemployment issues and more! The Autobots bring Energon cubes! Refined energon is a liquid energy source that produces far more energy that all of our current sources combined. Millions of jobs would be created as a result of new Energon factories. Also, with the on going threat of the Decepticons, new weapons need to be built! Those Anti-Starscream missile arrays won’t build themselves, meaning huge government defense contracts! Combine all of that with a new industry to put together new Autobots and bam! We’ve created a manufacturing giant that will completely turn this economy around…Not to mention all the rebuilding (of buildings, bridges, roads, etc…) that occurs after every battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons!

I now know that the future is bright! The next time you are in doubt, remember the motto, “WWOD – What Would Optimus (Prime) Do?”

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