Health insurance be damned!

Health insurance be damned!

When most people get sick they visit the doctor to be poked and prodded until their illness is identified. Well those techniques are from the dark ages. Now a simple scan from this Tricorder will identify what is ailing you. What’s even better, is you can own your Tricorder and save the doctor expenses!

This is a replica of the Tricorder that Dr. McCoy used in the new Star Trek movie. There is a button on the side that opens the spring loaded front and back cover of the Tricorder. It looks really cool when it opens! Inside are two buttons that make sounds, as heard in the movie, and it lights up.

So the next time you’re thinking about going off-world, make sure you carry the Tricorder with you. Just make sure you aren’t wearing a red shirt…Or Show Your Geek by carrying this in your cell phone holder or by scanning coworkers who stop by your desk!

You can find the Tricorder here or by clicking one of the images below.


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