Economic Stimulus Plan

Economic Stimulus Plan

It’s no secret, we are in the middle of a Galactic Recession! Solar systems through out the galaxy are feeling the pinch and not a single planetary system has escaped this downward spiral. Triggered by smuggled Imperial Credits and the use of “Fear” to keep the locals in place, the economy has fallen apart as consumer confidence plummeted. The latest unemployment figures have reached an all time high of 27.8% and trillions have been left homeless, a situation compounded by the completion of the 2nd Death Star.

The only good thing for the economy appears to be war. A source close to the Emperor was recently quoted as saying, “If it were not for the Rebels causing havoc in the outer-rim, the unemployment rate would be double. At least they are good for something.”

In response to all this dire news, the Emperor has implemented a stimulus package to save the economy. In his latest press release he stated the following, “In the face of an economic crisis the Empire’s Urban Regeneration Program (EURP) represents a strategic — and significant — investment in our galaxy’s future.”

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Empire Urban Regeneration Program

2 Responses to “Economic Stimulus Plan”

  1. Charlie says:

    Now there’s a program I can stand behind!

  2. Jim S. says:

    Not what I was expecting…funny though 🙂

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