What’s Your Ruler Made of? Try a Motherboard Ruler

What’s Your Ruler Made of? Try a Motherboard Ruler

In today’s green environment, recycling is becoming a way of life. The newest trend? Computer components and we’d like to do our part. We figure everybody needs a ruler, so why not a motherboard ruler? Whether you’re measuring the length of a Klingon Gagh (larger than 20cm is considered adolescent Rachtand is less tender), or the length of a splice of CAT 6 cabling, everybody needs to have a measuring stick. Sure, you can be boring and carry around something you picked up at the drug store next to the crayons and construction paper, but what would be the point of that?

You need something geeky – something to show others that you mean business, and that business is measuring linear distance like a pro! Instead of boring old bulk plastic rulers, why not use recycled motherboard material instead?

Machine cut and professionally silkscreened, our rulers measure in inches and centimeters, as you might expect. Since it’s made of recycled motherboard material, it’s got that extra layer of awesome that requires a geek to wield it. Though it’s not actually gradated on the ruler itself, be aware that each ruler is approximately 1.067 nano light-seconds long, or almost 10 attoparsecs. For non-geeks, that’s 12 inches or approximately 31 centimeters.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Motherboard Rulers!

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Motherboard Rulers

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