This Clock Knows How to Swing! So What’s the Time?

This Clock Knows How to Swing! So What’s the Time?

When Galileo Galilea first envisioned using the regular motion of the swinging pendulum in a timepiece, he had no idea what implications keeping accurate time would bring us – computers, timesheets, general relativity… Granted, he didn’t create the first pendulum based timepiece. That honor falls to Christiaan Huygens (the man, not the Saturnian space-probe).

See, the pendulum swings at an incredibly predictable rate, as long as the pivot remains still, the force of gravity is constant, and the length of the pendulum is fixed. Sure, if you want to go all non-Newtonian on us, you can also include distance from a gravity well, but let’s just keep things simple?

Anyway, since the motion of the pendulum is highly predictable, we can mark each cycle of the swinging bob as a measure of time, and consequently keep track of our inexorable grind towards the heat-death of the universe. Hooray! Still, it’s usually the pendulum that drives the clock – what if the entire clock was the pendulum?

Done and done! This super-cool Swing Clock mounts on your wall, and sashays back and forth, marking the passage of time. Watch as your friends take hilarious double-takes once they realize the clock is apparently floating and swinging itself.

Granted – it’s just a timepiece. It’s not likely going to help you with a thorough understanding of general relativity, though if you wanted to put one in a spaceship and accelerate it to a fraction below light-speed and return, that might work.

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