See-Through Office Set – WYSIWYG

See-Through Office Set – WYSIWYG

For millions of years, man and his descendants have been trying to affix their written works into collections. In ancient times, early paleolithic forms of collation was attempted, but it was impractical to move one cave wall close to another without causing a cave-in and killing the artist. Neolithic artisans fared better, but discovered quickly that staple guns shattered pottery too easily. Recently, strips of ancient papyrus were discovered with some kind of cellulose residue along one-side. Scientists are beginning to suspect that this was the first piece of tape. Oddly, it was still holding brightly colored wrappings of papyrus around some sort of mummified fruit-cake with “Over The Hill” printed on it in Aramaic.

Today, modern document collation and affixing has reached into the space-age. Nickel-clad steel wires bent into a ‘B’ shape pierce stacks of flattened and dried wood pulp. Cellulose polymers hold the edges of pages together onto strips of plastic. Yes, today’s electronic staplers and cello-tape dispensers are wonders of the modern age, and they’ve become as ubiquitous as the cell-phone and pet cloning.

But, how do they work? Can you see the mechanisms inside these marvelous devices? No! So, naturally, the WYSIWYG Electronic Desk Set was developed with clear plastic covers so you can see all the goings-on of our motorized stapler and electronic tape dispenser. Press the button and watch as gears turn, motors whirr and paper is pierced! Yes, friends, we live in a modern age! Science! Progress! More science!

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Wysiwyg Electronic Desk Set

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