Replicate The Alien Graffiti, Known As Stonehenge

Replicate The Alien Graffiti, Known As Stonehenge

In the year 10,000BC, aliens from Uranus landed on Earth. They didn’t find anyone cool to talk to, so they just added graffiti to the countryside and left. That graffiti is Stonehenge. Since that time, druids and scientists have tried to provide meaning to the awe inspiring stones, but have never riddled out the true message. We have. How? We can’t tell you. What does Stonehenge really say? That, we can tell you. It says… “WTF?” in Uranean.

This Stonehenge kit will help you spread the joys of an extraterrestrial WTF? to your home or office. The largest stone is about 1.5″ tall, so that the entire structure can neatly surround your coffee mug. But how will I know which stones go where?, you ask. Simple, we reply with a smile, there is a puzzle/map/Stonehenge base which is included. All the stones are numbered, so it’s real easy to assemble properly.

You also get a little book with tons of information on what scientists think Stonehenge was all about – but now you’ll know the truth. The Set includes: 16 stone replicas, puzzle map/base, and 1 Mini Book. Perfect for Spinal Tap dioramas, too.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Build Your Own Stonehenge Kit!

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Build Your Own Stonehenge Kit


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