Magic Floating Hidden Bookshelf

Magic Floating Hidden Bookshelf

Knowledge, they say, is power. Power to do good or ill, power to create or destroy, power to change the world! All that power, though, cannot defeat even the weakest of the nuclear forces: gravity.

Or can it? Look at this stack of books… How is it staying up? Is it glue? Velcro? Tractor beams? The secret is a simple and clever little device called the Hidden Bookshelf! An L-shaped wedge of metal holds your books up against the wall while a tiny clip holds the inside cover of the book up, giving your larger books the illusion of sticking to the wall as if by magic!

Of course, you’re smarter than most and know that there’s no such thing as magic. Still, those more impressionable people out there will still be blown away by your apparent mastery of space and time!


  • Holds up to 20 pounds
  • 10 inch max book depth
  • Brushed aluminum finished
  • Recommend screwing directly into a stud (quiet, you…)

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Hidden Bookshelf!

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Hidden Bookshelf


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