Drumstick Pencils – Tap Out Your Notes…

Drumstick Pencils – Tap Out Your Notes…

You know the type of person, the type that picks up a pair of office pencils and does an impromptu drum solo, like they’re playing to a crowd of thousands – not to a water cooler and the laser printer. Indulge their fantasy with these perfectly formed drumstick pencils! Pretty self explanatory – you can keep writing and also drum away to your hearts content whenever the moment strikes you. Excellent for musical kids or adults who haven’t yet out grown the rock star dream. Part pencil, part drumstick and totally ready to rock the office.

The drumstick pencils come packaged as a pair, just like any good set of drumsticks should.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Drumstick Pencils!

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Drumstick Pencils

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