You’ve Never Seen A Weird Gaming Dice Set Like This Before

You’ve Never Seen A Weird Gaming Dice Set Like This Before

If you’re a regular tabletop gamer, and if you’re here you probably are – you’ve probably had to explain what those “weird dice” were to your mundane family and friends. “This one is for rolling initiative, and this one is -”

“What’s initiative?”

You roll your eyes and soldier on. After all, someone had to explain it to you, once, right? Over the years, you’ve amassed a great collection of dice – some were really cool looking, some were made of some exotic material, or were in some strange arrangement, but they were always the same set: 4 sided, 6 sided, 8, 10 (sometimes two of ’em), 12, and 20.

Is your set complete? You thought so – until now. Now you can lord it over your other gamer buddies with even more exotic random-number generators! Behold! The Weird Gaming Dice Set! 3 siders! 5 siders! 7s, 14s, 30s and 100 sided dice! Amazing!

Of course, your next question is obvious: “What the hell are these weird dice for?” Sound like a familiar question? It should.


  • Full set of “weird dice” in odd shapes
  • 3-sided
  • 5-sided
  • 7-sided
  • 14-sided
  • 30-sided
  • 100-sided
  • Velvet drawstring bag included

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Weird Gaming Dice Set!

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Weird Gaming Dice Set


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