Your Hand = 8-Bit Oven Mitt?

Your Hand = 8-Bit Oven Mitt?

When you’re an 8-bit sprite, and your life consists of jumping over locomotive mushrooms, or eating pills in a maze, or even blasting alien invaders from space out of the pixellated sky, your days can be stressful. In the evening, when your day of quarter-driven entertainment is done, most 8-bit sprites enjoy hobbies – some knit, others are into table-tennis. A few cook. Mostly muffins and croissant. They’re into baked goods, what can I say? And this is what those two-dimensional 8 color creatures use when they pull a hot pan of snickerdoodles out of the oven.

Cover those fleshy fingers with this nifty 8-bit oven mitt. Shaped and decorated as if it was your own hand, rendered lovingly in 0.8 pixels per inch. Protect your digits from burning when you bake brownies, serve sponge-cake, or bring out your brioche. Fits righties or lefties equally!


  • Heat-safe oven mitt
  • “8-bit” style shape and decoration
  • Fits any hand, left or right
  • Perfect gift for the old school gamer / home chef

Now you can Show Your Geek with a 8-Bit Oven Mitt!

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8-Bit Oven Mitt

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