The Office Ninja Strikes Again!

The Office Ninja Strikes Again!

Last Monday seemed like a normal day, until I went to get my cup of morning coffee. When I returned to my desk, I found shuriken (ninja throwing stars) stuck in my wall! My heart started racing as I read the note, “Project deadline, tomorrow morning. Do not disappoint…” I was so shocked, it took me a minute to realize the warm trickle running down my leg was from my spilling coffee! Needless to say, I worked all night to ensure every last detail of the project was completed. Every few minutes I still find myself looking over my shoulder to make sure the Office Ninja isn’t standing behind me!

Don’t let this be you! Now you can be the local Office Ninja! These replica Ninja Stars work just like an ordinary push pin. You can make it look like a co-worker’s office space was attacked by Ninjas, or maybe your own! “Sorry boss, I can’t come in today, my office space was attacked by Ninjas!”

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Ninja Star Push Pin
Disclaimer: does not promote workplace violence in any shape or form!

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