Rubik’s Cube, Meet the Megaminx Duodecahedron

Rubik’s Cube, Meet the Megaminx Duodecahedron

At first there was only the 6-sided die, then along came a geek who decided that a cube was just too statistically boring, and so new (4 to 100 sided) dice were born!

We think the same thing happened with the Rubik’s Cube. A geek looked at it and said this isn’t hard enough, it only has approximately forty-three quintillion permutations, let’s create the same concept on something twice as fun! A dodecahedron (basically a 12-sided die).

Oddly enough, both the Rubik’s Cube and Dungeon’s & Dragon’s (the real reason a dodecahedron was introduced to us) were created the same year, 1974! Coincidence? We think not…

Show Your Geek today! Click the image below to get the Geek’s Rubik’s Puzzle! We’ll also link a guide to help solve the Rubik’s mystery.

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