“Pin”point Precision Timing

“Pin”point Precision Timing

Pin ArtAre you always seeking to have pinpoint precision when it comes to telling time? Well here’s your chance, sort of…

Do you remember that toy called Pin Art? It was composed of hundreds of metal pins and made an impression of whatever object you pushed into it. I seem to recall the popular impressions were a hand or a face, although this reporter has seen some *ahem* other “impressions.”

Well this is exactly like it, except it makes it’s own impressions of one of my favorite things…numbers! Of course it also serves as a clock. This little gadget is perfect for your office, as you’re guaranteed to spend hours watching the minutes tick by. It’s so amazing to watch it flip every minute that it may also memorize co-workers and bring more visitors to you desk on a more frequent basis.

The Pin Clock does not have an alarm nor a light display, so use it in bright places where you don’t want to be reminded that you have to be somewhere else.

Show Your Geek in your office or at home, by clicking on the clock image below!

Pin Clock

2 Responses to ““Pin”point Precision Timing”

  1. James says:

    i see many of these pin clocks on the internet, most are using the same picture.. is it actually real? i cannot seem to find any instructions or information on how it is SUPPOSED to work. Do you know how it works or can you point me in the right direction perhaps?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, it is real. I had one for a while…

    Looks like they are currently out of stock 🙁

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