Periodically Review the Periodic Table On Your Refrigerator

Periodically Review the Periodic Table On Your Refrigerator

Here’s another great way to show that you are a geek and maybe help others learn in the process!

There are many memorization techniques in the world. You can open the book and read, repeating important phrases over and over for hours. You can listen to the book-on-tape version while you sleep. You can also lie back and have somebody jam electrodes into the base of your skull and have your operator beam the pilot program for a B-212 helicopter directly into your brain. Two of these are fairly ineffective, and one is just a movie…

The most effective way to learn is through immersion. Surrounding yourself with that which you would like to learn embeds the information in several parts of the brain. The trillions of interconnected neurons fire in tandem, making recall easier and more natural. Or, at least, that’s what it says in the textbook.

If you’re trying to learn about the periodic table of the elements, you can read about it in a textbook, you can shower with it, and now you can remind yourself of its intricacies and order every time you reach for a cold bottle of Bawls. Stuck on the fridge door are all 111, from Hydrogen to Lawrencium. Every time you open the door, you may remember, ‘Oh yeah – Iron (Fe) is between Manganese and Cobalt. It may not sound like much, but that little nugget of memory will compound every time your eyes pass over your magnetic periodic table.

Plus, you can get a fair amount of geek-glee by moving Technetium into the noble-gasses group. Tee hee!
* As –> Arsenic(33)
* S –> Sulfur (16)
* H –> Hydrogen (1)
* At –> Astatine (85)

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  1. Mr. Science says:


    As S Ha T is a classic arrangement of periodic elements!

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