No More Computer Eye Strain with Gunnar Computer Glasses

No More Computer Eye Strain with Gunnar Computer Glasses

The human eye is a magnificent device. Refined over millions of years of evolution, it’s a highly specialized and effective organ that helps us hunt prey, spot berries, and spot and dodge swinging clubs. As humanity continued to evolve, however, we relied more on the tools we manufactured rather than the ones with which we were born.

Now we have more so-called “knowledge-workers” than ever, spending all day tied to desks, and staring at computer screens. We’ve traded sore backs and calluses for headaches and dry and tired eyes. You rub your eyes, and drip drops into them but that doesn’t really help, does it?

You see, high-efficiency fluorescent lighting and computer monitors in our offices are highly shifted towards the blue-end of the spectrum. The problem is, blue light focuses differently on the retina than the rest of the spectrum. Ever look at a blue LED and noticed a halo around the light? Staring at it gives you a headache, doesn’t it? Guess why! Your eyes are straining to try and bring that fuzzy spot into focus, and it just can’t!

What you need is a way to filter out some of those blues that give your eyes so much trouble. These new Gunnar Computer Glasses shift that light to the warmer end of the spectrum, giving your tired eyes a chance to recover. Not only do they filter blue light, they also reduce glare, helping with eye strain even more.

Be more productive, working longer and harder than the other guys, and maybe you’ll get that promotion before Doofus McSuckass across the hall does. I hate that guy.


  • Glasses specifically designed to reduce computer-related eyestrain
  • Four different styles – Edge Onyx, Edge Ash, Weezer Onyx, and Rocket Mercury
  • Black and brushed aluminum finishes
  • diAMIX lens material – a custom blended proprietary polymer, which beats out polycarbonate on the toughness scale and rivals the undisputed optics of ground glass
  • i-FI lens coatings – anti-glare coatings that filter out harsh artificial reflected light
  • iONIK lens tint – Specially formulated tints condition and shift the color spectrum to provide superior contrast, detail and resolution
  • Light weight and comfortable. GUNNAR frame systems are engineered for optimal weight, comfort and durability.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Gunnar Computer Glasses!

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Four Styles to Choose From:

Edge Onyx

Edge Ash

Weezer Onyx

Rocket Mercury

Gunnar Computer Glasses

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