Magneto Me!

Magneto Me!

Have you ever found yourself on a ladder and suddenly wishing you were Magneto because you forgot the nails on the ground? Or worse yet, you dropped a nut!

Well now you can be Magneto! sort of … with the MangoGrip! Or as I like to call it, The Magneto Grip! It is a set of incredibly strong magnets that you strap to your wrist. In fact it’s so strong, that it can hold a hammer! Never misplace anything metallic again!

I can’t wait to try this out on my computer tomorrow! I’m always losing those tiny screws!
Update: Well, apparently magnets and computer components do not agree…Do Not Use Near a Computer!

Show Your Magnetic Geek!
Click on an image below to get your own MangoGrip!

Magnetic Grip | MagnoGrip Drill Magnetic Grip | MangoGrip Wood

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