Magic IQ Gift Box

Magic IQ Gift Box

“A box without hinges, key, or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid.” – Bilbo Baggins

If you want something good sometimes you need to work for it. Look at your ungrateful friends and relatives. You give them nice gifts and get a half-hearted “thank you” with no true appreciation for the time you took from your busy gaming schedule to visit a physical store and select something. Finally with the Magic IQ Gift Box you can give a gift and gain evil vicarious enjoyment for yourself.

This devious box of delight can be used to store a small gift, then you can give it to your unsuspecting giftee and watch the fun begin. With no obvious opening, latch, or moving parts your gift recipient will struggle in frustration as they are dominated by the task of opening a simple wooden box.

The Magic IQ Gift Box is not the same as those Chinese puzzle boxes you may have seen before with multiple sliding parts you push in a certain order. It features a simple mechanism that’s a snap to open if you know how, but really frustrating when you don’t. Try as you might to slide all the edges and corners of this box… nothing seems to move. No instructions of any kind are included so you’ll need to figure out how to open the Magic IQ Gift Box beforehand and insert your gift… and we don’t plan to tell you how to do that. That is our special gift to you.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Magic IQ Gift Box!

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Magic IQ Gift Box


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