Keep Time in Your Refrigerator – DaysAgo

Keep Time in Your Refrigerator – DaysAgo

Do you know the current core temperature of your computer’s CPU, the going rate for mooncloth in WOW and the current software rev of your iPod? Yes? Ahh… but do you know how long that salsa you’re about to eat has been moldering in your fridge for? The DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer helps you to answer these types of low-tech perplexing questions in the high-tech straightforward manner you are accustomed to.

Simply stick this button-sized timer onto any newly-opened food based item you would like monitor. Push the button, and the LCD display starts counting down the number of days it’s been sitting. It’s a simple but genius concept. Two timers come in a pack so you’ll be sure to have enough to monitor all the amateur science experiments in your fridge.

Product Features

  • Easily track the freshness of items in your fridge
  • Simply place on jar or other newly opened food item. Push the button and timer starts counting down the number of days since the product was opened
  • Choose from magnetic clasp (perfect for jars) or suction cup
  • Two timers per pack. Each is reusable
  • Included batteries last for over 6 months
  • Push button to toggle between days stored or hours stored
  • Hold down button to reset, then and place on a newly opened item

Now you can Show Your Geek with a DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer!

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DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer


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