Enter the Matrix with a Dot Matrix Wallet

Enter the Matrix with a Dot Matrix Wallet

In the future, money will be merely bits flying through the ether – digital packets of purchasing potential. Paying for things will be just a matter of blinking and nodding. Until that day comes, however, we still have to carry around hunks of plastic and colorful bits of paper. While this is less than ideal, you can at least do so with maximum geek-factor, and infinite cool.

Made from tough Tyvek, the fibrous and nearly indestructible material FedEx packets are made from, these wallets look like a printout from a venerable 9-pin dot-matrix, folded origami style, into an incredibly strong, very functional, and totally geeky tri-fold wallet. It’s sleek, smooth, and instantly identifiable. Heads will turn when you, in dramatic fashion, pull out your Dot Matrix wallet and announce proudly to the waiter, “I got this.” Of course you do.

The Dot Matrix wallet is blue and white, 3 3/8 inches wide by 10 inches long, open. It sports 2 generous card slots for your credit cards, gym membership card, driver’s license, or video-game rental cards, plenty of room for cash and receipts and even hides a secret pocket on the side! Random numbers adorn the outside and inner folds.

Note: Extremely clever individuals out there may notice that the 3000 numbers printed on the surface of the wallet aren’t really all that random, but bear a striking resemblance to a certain number…PI anyone?

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Dot Matrix Wallet!

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Dot Matrix Wallet


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