Ballistic Blueprints for World Domination

Ballistic Blueprints for World Domination

When you finally graduate with your PhD in Horribleness, we’re sure that you’re probably itching to begin your pursuit of world domination. The world is really a mess, and needs someone like you to rule it. No question, there, however your real first step may be to cobble together some type of weapon from spare components contained in your mom’s basement secret lair.

How, though, are you able to assemble a cannon, or even better – a flamethrower? Tinkering with combustion via experimentation will frequently lead to error, and undoubtedly some kind of trial. Bad start, there. A smarter approach may be to utilize the long-established trail of labor put aside by individuals who have trod the path of evil prior to you.

Blueprints – that’s exactly what you need! Both of these posters are perfect roadmaps to making your initial handheld weaponry. When used responsibly, the resulting devices may either hurl flame, or tuber-based projectiles, great distances! Now it really is a spectacular beginning to becoming the newest ruler of planet Earth.

We, for starters, welcome our new Evil Overlords, and wish to remind them that the people here could possibly be instrumental in supplying them with gizmos and gadgets with which to help enslave their minions to toil inside the sugar-caves.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Ballistic Blueprints!

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Ballistic Blueprints

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