Futurama Returns in the Future!

Futurama Returns in the Future!

Futurama fans finally have something to cheer about! No it’s not another one and a half hour episode, I mean movie, it’s the return of the series! E! Online announced yesterday that Comedy Central has ordered up to 26 new episodes! It is estimated right now that they will air the new episodes mid-2010.

You can read the E! Online article here or visit the Futurama – Comedy Central page here.

Since we’re big fans of Matt Groening and Futurama, we thought we’d find a way for you to Show Your Futurama Geek! While we found plenty of “action figures”, we liked these shirts better!

So Show Your Geek and your support for Futurama! Click here or one of the images below!

futurama bender bite my shiny metal ass tshirt

futurama enjoy slurm tshirt

futurama hypnotoad tshirt

Futurama - Bender - Crt Alt Shift Kill

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