Bringing Home the Bacon Beans

Bringing Home the Bacon Beans

Sometime in the past a giant monolith appeared to primitive man. Only it wasn’t black and shiny, and it sure didn’t teach us how to use tools. It was white and red/brown and wavy. It taught us to love bacon. And now we celebrate this ancient alien gift with Bacon Beans Jellybeans.

Inside each bacon-shaped tin of Bacon Beans Jellybeans is a small hoard of bacon flavored jellybeans. The beans are to remind you of the beauty of the tin and the tin is to remind you of the tastiness of the beans. It’s a never ending circle of bacon goodness. Bacon Beans Jellybeans – a celebration of nature’s perfect food.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Bacon Beans Jellybeans!

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Bacon Beans Jellybeans

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