This Is the Venn You’re Looking For – Mind Trick Venn Diagram

This Is the Venn You’re Looking For – Mind Trick Venn Diagram

So what happens when you mix a Star Wars geek with a math geek? You end up with the Mind Trick Venn Diagram. Yes, this is the math you’re looking for…

Math teachers are always repeating that “you’re going to need to know this out in the real world” mantra. We’ll be honest. We haven’t ever needed to take the cosine of our lunch or find the limit of our commute as our car approaches home. But there were a few mathematical concepts that really stuck with us, and we use every chance we get. We should probably admit here that our favorite part of math was the drawing pictures part (geometry=good, algebra=bad). So when we encountered the Venn Diagram, we knew we had a friend for life.

This Venn Diagram, in particular, has three very persuasive statements in its circles. The overlap areas are kind of weird. “I don’t need to see the identification of the droids I’m not looking for?” But, you know, the more we look at it, the more we think that’s okay, and we just want to move along. It’s as if a powerful force is compelling us with some sort of mind trick. Or something. Moving along….

This shirt features a Venn Diagram in shades of sand. The three circles read (counterclockwise from top):

  • “You don’t need to see his identification.”
  • “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”
  • “He can go about his business.”

And the central intersection reads “MOVE ALONG”. All this is printed on a black 100% cotton t-shirt.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Mind Trick Venn Diagram!

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Mind Trick Venn Diagram


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