Show Your Clone is Awesome

Show Your Clone is Awesome

Disclaimer: With today’s reproductive cloning methods, there are a few reasons your clone technically might not be genetically exactly like you. For one, your clone starts off with shortened telomeres it got from your (presumably not newborn) somatic cell. Two, the somatic cell’s nuclear DNA you implanted might have mutations not common to the rest of your nuclear DNA. Three, the mitochondrial DNA is actually from the donor egg, so if you’re a dude, you’re outta luck on having your matrilineal DNA included as part of the package.

But those technicalities aside, your clone is the closest you’re gonna get to a duplicate of your own unique genetic expression unless you already have an identical twin. (Which, technically, is a clone, too. Just not one you had a hand in master-minding.) Clones are great. Having a clone means you have a ready-made organ donor lined up. You have somebody to take the fall in that grand jury case. But the best thing about a clone is that it’s YOU. More of you. There can’t ever be enough of you. Cause you’re awesome.

My Clone is Awesome” printed in white (with a grey mirrored-effect) on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt. Get one for you and one for your clone.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a My Clone is Awesome!

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My Clone is Awesome

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