HTTP Pajama Top – 304 Not Modified

HTTP Pajama Top – 304 Not Modified

One nice thing about the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that runs the web (HTTP for short) is that it includes helpful status codes. Anybody who’s ever been on the web is familiar with 404, but it takes a true geek to be familiar with the status codes that don’t display in the browser. Like “200 OK”, “304 Not Modified” is one of those HTTP status codes that you never see. Or, well, hardly ever, if everything’s functioning as it should. You’ll see it in the logs, and that’s about it. But it makes for a darn fine HTTPajama Top.

We thought it sure would be handy if life came with status codes, but since it doesn’t, we did the next best thing and printed them on stuff you wear. But not just any old stuff – we had to try something different. This time, a tank top. Team it with a pair of our HTTPanties, and you have a geeky pajama set. Or don it with jeans and wear it in warm weather – it’s a standard tank top, so there’s nothing improper about wearing to the local movie theater, mall, or sci-fi convention. Although you might be mobbed by smart, attractive geek boys if you do. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

100% combed, ringspun cotton, spaghetti-strap tank top in black. Stretchy and fitted, with low shrinkage. “304 Not Modified” printed in white across the chest.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a HTTPajama Top!

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HTTPajama Top


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