Geeks Drink? Geek Shot Glass

Geeks Drink? Geek Shot Glass

Do geeks drink? Of course they do! They do it while proclaiming their geekiness. I mean, isn’t that part of being a geek? We like to do it with this geek shot glass!

The diminutive glass with techno-appeal. Use it to carry liquids from one place to the next. For example, go to your freezer and take out a nice chilled bottle of Cucumber Soju. Proceed to pour into your geek shot glass. Using a crane like vertical lift motion, grab the glass and dispatch the liquid from the shot glass and into your upper orifice. Make sure not to waste any precious fluids – it’s important that you employ control and finesse padawans. Repeat as necessary until you find yourself incapable of fragging yourself out of a paper bag. Then go to the kitchen and find some flat foods to throw into the toaster and veg in front of the nearest TV sporting Dr. Who reruns…

1.75 ounce jet black shot glass with ‘geek.’ lovingly stamped across the front.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a Geek. Shot Glass!

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Geek. Shot Glass


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