DIY Girl? Then You Need The I Void Warranties Babydoll

DIY Girl? Then You Need The I Void Warranties Babydoll

DIY may be all the rage now, but you’ve been doing it all your life. You took apart your Barbie dolls to see how their joints were hinged. You extruded various products from your Play Doh Barbershop to gauge their elasticity and comparative drying times. Today you have knitting callouses alongside your soldering iron scars, war-wounds from your modding days. Old issues of Make Magazine and ReadyMade line your Ikea Hacker coffee table, filled with projects in temporary stasis just waiting for you to take them on.

Cotton black babydoll (fitted) t-shirt with the phrase ‘I void warranties‘ on it front and center. Beneath the phrase are nine different types of screwdriver heads – including Clutchead, Hex, Bristol, Robertson Square-Tips and Torx! Note that this is a slightly distressed print, which means it is intentionally aged, missing a few bits of ink here and there.

Now you can Show Your Geek with a I Void Warranties Babydoll!

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I Void Warranties Babydoll


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