What’s so irrational about March 14th?

What’s so irrational about March 14th?

Let me give you a hint. What does the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space have to do with March 14th? Need another hint? It’s a famous non-repeating, non-terminal constant.

It’s Pi, of course! In the U.S., Pi Day is celebrated on 3.14 (March 14th.) Good news this year is that it falls on a Sunday, which means you can throw a Pi Party!
Pi  Ice Cube Tray

We recommend ordering pies from your favorite pizzeria, purchasing (or making) an wide assortment of your favorite pies (I like peach pie), drinks containing Pi ice cubes ($8.99) and having competitions as to who can remember the most digits in Pi. My six year-old son is up to 15 digits! 3.141592653589793

Of course we found this Pi Shower Curtain for our son to start practicing. It has Pi to 4,600 digits. Not sure he’ll progress that far, but one can hope. Plus, to keep him sharp at school and help his friends learn the digits, we found a kid’s Pi shirt, where the Pi symbol contains 4493 digits of Pi.

Show Your Geek for Pi Day 2010!

Pi Shower Curtain
Kid’s Pi T-Shirt

Men’s Pi T-Shirt

Woman’s Pi T-Shirt

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